Dear SIGCSE Community,

It is with great pride that I announce the 10-year, $81M initiative to bring quality Computer Science education to every NYC public school. This is a massive undertaking, requiring reaching over 1700 schools, training 5,000+ teachers and creating pipelines and pathways for long term sustainability. When complete this will impact NYC's 1.1M public school students multiple times in their education pathway.

CSNYC is NYC's partner in implementation, research, and evaluation of the large effort. In addition to celebrating this, I welcome partnerships and conversations around the engagement of the SIGCSE community for this effort.

Thank you! The work in NY has been grown with a combination of home-grown efforts combined with partners from the SIGCSE community, including Bootstrap and BJC.

Leigh Ann Sudol-DeLyser
Program Manager
NYC Foundation for CS Education


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